Friday, August 10, 2007

Destressing, getting fired up!

Just completed my final exam, what a relief! Now I'm packing up for the Europa weekend. My good friend is competing in the amateaur mens masters and its time for me to put a 2nd coat on his back...awww, the smell of protan brings back fabulous memories! Helping him through all this and being by his side makes me want to compete even more. I can't wait to meet some of my favorite pro's and don't worry lots of pics to come! I also can't wait to meet Doidle(Mary)! Yall have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Here we go...

My before pic was taken when I moved back home after living a destructive lifestyle in Austin. Upon moving home I was depressed and ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted. The before pic was taken sometime around either Thanksgiving or Christmas 2005...I was seriously dazed and confused during this time of my life so its hard to recall. In Austin I had a trainer more off than on and went to the gym occasionally. Often times I would skip meals, sleep in late, and consume lots of alcohol(working in the bar/club industry). I do know September of 2006 I signed up at my current gym(Dang Gym), worked out everyday, but never progressed as a result of poor diet and lack of motivation. In January 2006, my gym hosted a "Biggest Dang Loser" contest. Any contestant who lost 20lbs in 12wks, won 3 free months of membership. I finally got serious by incorporating what I had accomplished with BFL in years past and info I received by analyzing journals on At the end of the contest I had lost 18lbs, I was bummed I didn't lose 20 but definitely took the 18...I went from 154lb to 136lb in 3 months! March 2006 I started lifting with a female personal trainer by the name of Tacy, who might be reading this:) We worked out well together, first time I actually lifted heavy and started to make gains. I should note it was around this time I started lurking more at Stacey's blog and wanting to know more of her experience with Tony. Around October I stumbled upon Beka's blog and then I was sold. I thought if these two hot chicks are both satisfied I will give Tony a try for 1 month. I began my journey with Tony in November 2006, weighing at 145lb. After completing 6wks with Tony and making great progress his words were, "now if I could just get you to compete". I had always been told I had the body for a bodybuilder, not figure, my legs were supposedly "too muscular and big for figure". Tony completely disagreed and could see me transforming into a figure competitor. From that point I had planned to compete April 28th at the Ronnie Coleman Classic, but my long-time boyfriend at the time suggested we get married in Vegas march 31st. We got married and I competed in my first and only show so far on May 12, where I surprisingly won! My after pic I weighed b/w 113-115lb, the lowest I have ever weighed in my life. I only see myself weighing that for contest reasons only. In person I looked anorexic and had worked my tale off literally. The best part was the night before the show, our hotel room had floor-ceiling mirrors everywhere. As I practiced my poses and reapplied paint, I just couldn't get over the girl staring back at me in the mirror. My girlfriend who had accompanied me asked, "hollie did you ever have cellulite?", hahahahahaha Oh did I ever!

As for as the first time I felt in shape? Not until I started doing daily 1hr walk/runs did I know I was truly in shape. I had always wished to be a runner, for it not to hurt and to actually enjoy it.

Ok I must leave to do my second hour of cardio before the gym closes. As much as I want to get on the gauntlet,my glutes are hurtin from the heavy machine lunges in last nights w/o, so I'm not sure what kind I'm going to do, maybe I will just run!

When I get in I promise to stop by all of yalls blogs! I'm feeling highly motivated and mentally strong today. The carb cycling is going super, no cheating whatsoever! Its amazing how clean eating makes you feel emotionally, isn't it?! Adam called today and we will get to talk the next couple of days! He's in Dubai right now and tomorrow he's going to a waterpark with some buddies. I can just imagine how white he is from being stuck in the bottom of the ship all this time, poor white boy is going to fry in that sun. I don't feel ready for my final yet and honestly I probably won't feel ready the day I take it. Ok I don't want to think about school, time to burn some fat off!

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Thanks for all the comments! I look forward to answering Eileen's questions as soon as Tuesday rolls around. Last weekend and right now I'm working 15hrs days, preparing for my summer final exam which is this Thursday,looking for a place to live, and prepping for a contest. I desperately need to speak with my husband regarding my upcoming living arrangement and purchasing my new car, but every email I've sent him for the last 2wks has been returned. His ship must be in an area where they can't receive email, this so stresses me out. I shouldn't be on here right now, but I didn't want yall to think I disappeared. Today is day 2 of no carbs, on Tuesday I get my carbs back due to carb cycling. Weight workouts are going great, but with such long work hrs I'm having a hard time getting in all the cardio. Enjoy Yall's weekend!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Yes I once was a chub

I can't believe I'm posting this, but this reminds me to never give up on my passion for fitness and health. I'm also hoping that many can see that it is possible to totally change the shape of your body with hard work, courage, and discipline.

I'm bummed today is Friday, only b/c I dread my job on the weekends. I went into work last night for extra hours and didn't get off until after 2am. This morning my body was too exhausted to do fasted cardio so instead I'm going to do more cardio this afternoon. I didn't wake up until 11am and if I ran for an hour on an empty stomach I definitely wouldn't get in all my meals for the day. It sucks b/c I have to get up before 3am tomorrow for work, don't ask how I'm going to make it to bed tonight. I need to be working as much as possible in order to pay for school and a car next month. I'm starting to stress out about finances, making an A on my final exam in a couple of weeks,if I'm going to move closer to school and where exactly, and getting in all of the extra cardio. To tackle my stress I'm going to simply doing my best each day, that's all I can do and hopefully everything will fall into place.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tony is "happy" with my pics, YAY I can breathe now! He said I don't have to start doing 2 hrs of cardio until next week and that we would probably start carb cycling at the end of this week. I'm relieved to start carb cycling 1)asparagus is killing my wallet 2)more definition coming my way 3)doesn't take much time to prep food! At night I've been having sweet cravings and no way to satisfy them, sucks to not be able have SF popcicles or SF jello even... and NO Tony, a thick protein shake is not going to kill the craving! I've considered posting some up to date pics of me, but I'm so nervous, we are always our worst critics...give me a week or two.

My inner thighs, hamstrings, and glutes are so tight and tender from Monday's w/o. I love how Tony combines just the right exercises to hit just the right spots. Right now I know I could squeeze a lemon b/w my thighs. I think I read a while back that Stacey leg presses 500# or over, Im trying so hard to catch up with her I'm at 450#X6reps right now...could this be why I can't get up without moaning and groaning?

Any of you watch Rock of Love on VH1? I love the show and love "Rodeo". She is in the latest issue of Oxygen mag and competes in figure. I just hope I can have her body at age 39. I'm also a stupid sucker for watching Age of Love. In the episode before last, Maria was making a shake and Isagenix was on the counter...and damn if she don't look good too. Lets see I also watch Big Love, Traveler, Army Wives, and my ultimate fave is So You Think You Can Dance. Call me a cheese ball if you will but I love my tv and DVR.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've been super busy with training, school, work, and prepping meals every day. Other than having a peach yesterday the diet has been right on. It was either dig into the families Blue Bell Homemade peaches and vanilla ice cream or cure my craving with a icey vanilla/peach protein shake. I've since gone broke due to buying asparagus every other day, but in all the diet I'm on is working for me and with me.

Today I sent T today's pics I'm hoping he likes what he sees. My abs are becoming more and more visible and my legs look so much better this time around compared to my last show. Even though my diet for almost 2 months was a wreck, I believe continuing with the heavy leg w/o's and the sprints helped my legs progress.

From this week on 2 hrs of cardio are a must! For the first time in probably 5yrs or more I tried the step aerobic class at my gym. The class was so much fun and I discovered what great shape I am in...sounds silly I know, but I never really understand or see it. I'm still getting in my 1hr walk/runs every day that I don't work, but in the pm I'm going to mix up the cardio with step class, stairmaster, and gauntlet. Those are the only types of cardio that gets me sweating and the heart rate up, of course while being jacked up the green tea extract. I've been suffering with golfer's elbow lately and it kills me to do biceps or pulldowns. To heal, rest is recommended but I can't afford it, so instead I just pop 2 advil and ice my arm after every workout.

This time last week I got word from Adam that instead of coming back from deployment mid-October he won't be home until Nov 29th. I'm really bummed, but this is out of our control and there is no need to dwell on the matter. For the Christmas holidays we are looking at going to Jamaica. This will be a good time for us to have some alone time and enjoy being a married couple. I will have to make sure not to gain much fat during my bulking phase this fall/winter, don't want to be a whale on the beach. The trip will be perfect for me to catch up on all the summer alcohol drinks I've been having to pass up so far. Upon returning from the trip will be a great opportunity to start cutting.

I'll try my best to report here more often. Its time for gym visit #2 today. By the way my eggs have never been so beautiful thanks to yalls advice!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Eye on the prize

Why does peeling egg shells have to be such a big pain in my butt? Of course I'm jacked up on green tea extract when my patience starts running thin. Tony sent me my new meal plan that starts today and it looks like I will be shelling eggs every dang day. My mom says they shouldn't be so hard to peel if they are not as fresh as 1-2days from the grocer. Do any of you have any suggestions? Half the time mine come out pretty and smooth, but half the time they come out rugged.

For post-weights T suggested that I try "Jay Robb's Yammit" as my carb mixed with the PP. In the past I haven't been using a MRP, but PP +apple. I picked up "Jay Robb's Vanilla PP" to mix with the "Yammit" and OMG! When I mix the two in the blender, add pumpkin spice, sprinkle of cinnamon, 12oz H20, and lots of ice=tastes like a sinful treat! Now I simply can't wait to push some iron.

I've been "clean" for 4 days and it feels GREAT! Last night I really had the test put to me. My dad needed my mom to pick him up out of town since he had to leave his chopper in the shop. My mom hates to drive, especially in heavy traffic on major highways, so I had to accompany her. After picking up pops he had to have a margarita... I am a margarita lush well in my past exciting life! So we went to Pappasitos, sat at the bar, rents had their special margaritas, chips and salsa, and chicken & shrimp fajitas. I didn't have one chip, one bite, or one sip. Instead I looked up and down the bar,noticed no figure models, no fitness enthusiasts, nothing but overweight people. I imagined my trophy sitting across from me at the table. My dad asked if I wasn't hungry, I replied, "I have my eye on the prize!" I very well could have taken in the aroma, felt sorry for myself, or like last week could have told myself, "oh I'll start over tomorrow". No, I refuse to throw away my focus, my 3 days of clean eating, and definitely not my 2nd trophy. Its moments like last night that will get me a winning physique. I figured if my husband can't eat fajita and ritas right now, I can wait until he gets home. Right now I'm just going to keep making each day my best. I'm reminded of the video T sent out a couple months ago about giving your best, well I'm applying my best in every aspect of my life, one day at a time.

On the home front we are changing out computers and will be having to mess with our network sometime today. Hopefully I will be able to join cyberspace on Sunday. Yall have a great weekend and stay strong, remember "Time waits on no one"